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Announcing simple mode

As of yesterday anyone newly signing up for our hosted beta test is met with a simple walk-through, letting them go from signup to published email-for-download or digital purchase page in under five minutes.

We’re the first to admit that what we’ve built so far can be hard to use. It’s an ambitious idea and the technology is primarily being built by a single person. The current version of the admin app was built to put an interface on much of the code that lies beneath. We’re currently reworking the admin to give a better user experience — all the power in the platform now, but centered around the people using it rather than the code on which it’s built.

This new simple mode walk-through is a bridge from what we’ve got now to where we want to be. It lets anyone quickly set up and customize a new page, with full advanced mode just a click away.

Give it a try by signing up for a beta account today — and current users can try it out just by visiting the system settings page.


PS: Please remember this is part of our beta test. We want to hear about your experiences, so please let us know what you think. The examples in simple mode rely on your Google Drive for file hosting, but switching to advanced mode lets you use Amazon S3 for higher traffic and make further customizations to your page or embeds.

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